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Cure for Diabetes: Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C

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Cure for Diabetes? Is it lypo-spheric vitamin c? Doctor says there is no cure for diabetes. However, I see people cure from diabetes after taking black cumin, I hear from a trusted source that people cure from diabetes after taking noni juice plus a lot of prayers, and after taking a combo of herbs. Now, there is lypo-spheric vitamin c to try. Lypo-spheric vitamin c customer testimonial:

It's Like Magic!
from a letter sent by H Ross


It's like magic! I'm just a few weeks since taking two Lypo-spheric C and one Age Blocker. I no longer need to take metformin for type 2 diabetes. I also have more energy! Many Thanks. LivonLabs.Com

There are at least two views about the way vitamin c (remember: lypo-spheric vitamin c is the popular liposomal vitamin c) could be a cure for diabetes or at least to lessen the effect of diabetes:

1. Vitamin c is antioxidant that counters the excess of free radicals in one’s body. A body with no excess free radicals is efficient in converting glucose into sorbitol then into fructose which the body can utilize. In the body that has excess free radicals the sorbitol could not be converted to fructose but will become toxic metabolites; diabetes is then the end result (Newmediaexplorer.Com). If vitamin c is that good, imagine what lypo-spheric vitamin c can do!

2. US and British scientists work together and found that a combined therapy of insulin and vitamin C can stop disease-related blood vessel damage in patients with Type I diabetes. They specifically found that only the combine therapy is very effective, taking insulin or vitamin c alone is mildly effective (Naturalnews.Com). Lypo-spheric vitamin c is powerful, could it be more than ‘mildly effective’ to be a cure for diabetes?

There must be a cure for diabetes; God creates things in couple e.g., man with woman, black with white, so it must be diabetes and its cure or medicine for it. Maybe what it takes is just a mouse click for you to find your cure for diabetes.

Apart from lypo-spheric vitamin c, you might want to consider other natural cure for diabetes. Cinnamon is commonly cited as one of it. Cinnamon is said to help in conversion from glucose to energy and to help eliminating free radicals. Cinnamon, therefore, lessens the diabetic complications. Another one is bitter melon; for years Indian ayurvedic practitioner use bitter melon extract to treat type 2 diabetes. Similar with insulin bitter melon contains polypeptide, the substance that controls glucose level (Indianchild.Com).

How about homeopathy cure for diabetes? I found that one way for homeopathy practitioner to find their cure for diabetes is to see what is the symptom of the patient. The common symptoms include constant tiredness, dry mouth, frequent urination, and dry skin. Among homeopathy remedy for diabetes: uranium nitrate (Uran), phosphoric acid (Phos), and phosphorus (Phos). One has to see homeopathy doctor to find a suitable cure for diabetes (Hpathy.Com).

Lypo-spheric vitamin c is not an end, there is also aromatherapy cure for diabetes. Look what I found in Aromatherapies.Net:

'Though various studies prove that aromatherapy cannot cure diabetes. It can surely reduce the alarming side effects of the disorder and also reduce infections. Here is a compilation of the best known aromatherapy recipes that can help control diabetes:
• Many essential oils have been prescribed by therapists as having a blood sugar lowering effect .Dill, coriander, and fennel essential are some of them. These essential oils also help unblock blocked receptor areas which cause cells to be resistant to the effects of insulin. The ideal method to use either of these essential oils is to use one drop of any oil, and massage onto the bottoms of the feet. This may be done twice a day.'

Lypo-spheric vitamin c user testimony (again):

'It's Like Magic! from a letter sent by H Ross Gentlemen: It's like magic! I'm just a few weeks since taking two Lypo-spheric C and one Age Blocker. I no longer need to take metformin for type 2 diabetes. I also have more energy! Many Thanks'. LivonLabs.Com

Lypo-spheric vitamin c is a kind of cure for diabetes for Ross. I have not explore cure for diabetes such as food therapy, stem cell therapy, etc. One does not have to suffer as information about Lypo-spheric vitamin c and cure for diabetes are available in the Internet. Lypo-spheric vitamin c is worth a try!

lypo-spheric vitamin c


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